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The Loomie Prize

Description and Eligibility

The History Department of Fordham University will annually award the Loomie Prize to the best research paper produced within an academic year. All M.A. and Ph.D. students who complete a research paper that year are eligible.

The Prize Committee shall consist of three faculty members each of whom must represent a different wing of the department. The committee shall be appointed by the chair of the department. Faculty members who supervised the papers submitted for the award will not be eligible to serve on the committee. If the committee deems that no submission meets its standards, no prize will be awarded.

Each faculty member who supervised a research paper or taught a seminar may nominate up to two papers of unusual merit to the Committee's attention. When writing a letter of nomination for the essay, the faculty member should indicate to the Committee the most noteworthy qualities of the paper. In order to be eligible, the paper must be completed and submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies by August 1. The Director will arrange for the papers to be read by the members of the Committee over the fall semester. Announcement of the winner, if any, will be made no later than December 1 of the same year.

Notice of the prize will be posted in the Department, a certificate of commendation given to the student, and the letter of nomination and notice of award placed in the student's file. The paper will also be shelved in the History Department and made available to all who wish to read it. The winner will also be encouraged to present abbreviated version of the paper at a scholarly conference or in a public lecture sponsored by the History Department.

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