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Offered In African and African American Studies

AAEU 3031 --  Women and Migration (3 credits)
Focusing on immigration and migratory movements and communities, the course examines the experiences of European, African American, Caribbean, Asian, and Latin American women and utilizes comparative perspectives and methodologies. Case studies are contextualized with the larger histories of twentieth century female migration to the US  and within the frameworks of gender, ethnicity, race, class, national identity and globalization.

AAEU 3071 -- African Intellectual History (3 credits)
This course will introduce students to some of the main currents of African thought since the 19th century. It examines different writers in context, ranging from the Pan-Africans of the early 20th century in Africa and America, the exponents and critics of Negritude, feminist nationalists of World War II era, African socialists of the independent era, critics of postcolonial society, the Black Consciousness movement, and finally current assessments of the achievements of African intellectuals.

AALG 3037 -- Blacks in the Atlantic World (3 credits)
A study of dispersed African communities in the New World in the 19th and 20th centuries. Examines diasporic identity formation, enslavement and resistance, religious movements, anti-colonial politics and Pan-African thought. Emphasis is on cross-cultural connections and interactions. Areas studied include Haiti, Brazil, Suriname, the British-held Caribbean, Cuba and the United States. Scholars studied include James, Du Bois, Gilroy, and Hall. Fulfills the global studies requirement.

AALU 1100 – African American History I (3 credits)
Begins with an introduction to the African background and slave trade. An examination of U.S. slave communities, resistance and rebellion, abolitionism, institutional development through the Civil War. Readings in original texts from 18th and 19th centuries. (Once each Fall.)

AALU 1602 – African History (3 credits)
An introduction to the history of the continent using diverse sources and disciplines. An exploration of the ancient civilizations, traditional cultures, colonial structures, nationalism, neocolonialism, and post colonial history and politics. Fulfills the sophomore history requirement in the core.

AALU 2100 – African American History II (4 credits)
A survey of African American history from the Reconstruction period to the present: the era of accommodation and the origins of the 20th-century protest; Washington-DuBois debate; migration and urbanization; the Harlem Renaissance; the civil rights movement; black power and contemporary issues. Fulfills urban studies requirement in history.

AALU 3030 – African American Women (4 credits)
A survey of African American women’s history using documentary texts, fiction, and social science literature. Examines the multiple jeopardies of race, sex, and economic condition. Explores specific conditions of female slavery, resistance, work, and political activism. Women studied include Sojourner Truth, Anna Julia Cooper, Ida Wells Barnett, Frannie Lou Harper.

AALU 3647 – Third World and the City (4 credits)
Explores the international migration, urban settlement and community formation among third world populations. Urban communities will include international as well as U.S. cities.

AALU 4643 – Research Seminar (4 credits)
This course is designed to refine research skills in urban studies and to examine multidisciplinary urban research methodologies. The seminar may focus on specific topics such as multiculturalism, criminal justice, migration or immigration, family studies, urban politics.

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