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Rose Hill History Courses

Offered in African and African American Studies

AARU 3112 - The 60's: Era of Protest, Era of Change (4 credits)
An exploration of the political, social, and cultural history of an era that fundamentally reshaped American life. This course will examine the Kennedy ad Johnson presidencies, the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, student protest and the counterculture, women's liberation, and the rise of the "New Right". Among the major works used are: Harvard Sitkoff, The Black Struggle for Equality; Kristin Luker, Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood; William Chafe, Unfinished Journey; James S. Olson and Randy Roberts, Where Dominoes Fell; and The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

HSRG 3150 - Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean (4 credits)
An examination of the historical, cultural, and contemporary characteristics of the various ethnic groups in the Caribbean. Special attention will be paid to Afro-West Indians.

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