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Become a HEOP Tutor!

Higher Education Opportunity Program Tutor, Rose Hill Campus. Support students in their efforts to realize their academic goals and successfully meet the challenges of today's higher education.  Apply for a tutor position.   Applications considered for all college courses at Rose Hill.  Responsibilities: Individual and group tutoring.  Qualifications/Requirements: A grade of B or better in the courses to be tutored.  Salary for undergraduate students: $7 per hour and up.  Applicants will need to submit an academic transcript and a letter of recommendation. 

For further information, contact:

Stephie Mukherjee, Director, HEOP,
Freeman Hall #102,
(718) 817-4205
Biswa Bhowmick, Associate Director for Administration, HEOP,
Freeman Hall #202A,
(718) 817-4212,

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