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Founded in December 2001, the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA) at Fordham University provides a vehicle through which the field of humanitarian assistance may interact with local, national, and international academic communities.  The IIHA is based on two foundational support structures: Fordham University and The Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation (CIHC).  

The IIHA was designed to further institutional knowledge and action on humanitarian issues by forging partnerships with humanitarian relief organizations, publishing a Humanitarian Book Series, holding training courses, and hosting symposia relating to humanitarian affairs. To further our educational mission, the Institute created the Masters in International Humanitarian Action at the graduate level and the Humanitarian Minor Program at the undergraduate level.  The Institute enables the University to establish relationships with the international humanitarian community in New York City, as a university-wide center that reports directly to the President of Fordham University.


Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs
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