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The Consortium on Security and Humanitarian Action


The Consortium on Security and Humanitarian Action
is a joint endeavor of research centers at four New York area universities:

New York University

Designed to explore and promote education on the pressing international humanitarian issues of today's interdependent world, the Consortium has provided a forum for collaborative research and symposia. Through the collaboration and cooperation of its partners, the Consortium presents a day long Frontiers of Humanitarianism Conference every year, with each University contributing a panel of speakers on the topic. This year's Conference, hosted by Fordham University's Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs, will focus on, "Innovations in Humanitarian Action" and will be held in Spring 2011.

2010 "Contradictions and Convergences in State-building, Peace-building"
Hosted by New York University Wagner School of Public Service

         Panel 1:
Prevention, Peacebuilding, and State-building: Contextualizing Humanitarian Action
         Panel 2: Whither Humanitarian Ethics and Principles in State-Building and Peace building?
         Panel 3: Challenges and Lessons from Cases of (Post) Conflict Reconstruction and State-Building:
                       Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines

         Panel 4: From Relief to Recovery: Confronting the Institutional Void

2009 "The Ethics of Responsibility and the Modes of Protection"

Hosted by The Graduate Center of The City University of New York

         Panel 1: The Politics of The Responsiblity to Protect
         Panel 2: Operational Security and its Implications for Humanitarian Access and Protection
         Panel 3: Offering Protection in the Field: the Humanitarians' Achilles Heel
         Panel 4: Gender Based Violence: Protection and Justice in Africa and Latin America


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