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Communications and Media in Humanitarian Affairs

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international diploma in Operational Humanitarian Assistance (IDOHA)

Communications and Media in Humanitarian Affairs

2 credits

This course examines the history of representation of humanitarian crises, and considers the impact of media accounts on the potential for humanitarian action. The role of photojournalism and the images and narratives of broadcast and press reporting are evaluated in the context of humanitarian goals and necessities. The dynamics between depiction and public perception, image and empathy, and narratives of compassion and inclusion are articulated within the larger context of global security and human rights. As conflict, suffering and issue of life and death remain significant global realities, this course details the conditions, practices, messages, obligations, ethics, and limits of telling the stories of those in crisis.

This course is a week-long elective course for the IDOHA module of the MIHA.  If interested in pursuing the MIHA, please apply here.

To take this course individually, independent of the Masters, follow this link.

For the dates and the location of our next Communications and Media in Humanitarian Affairs course, please visit our calendar.

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