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international diploma in Operational Humanitarian Assistance (IDOHA)

Forced Migration

2 credits

Migration, whether forced displacement or economic migration of the poorest, is often a major factor in either escaping from poverty, persecution and danger and/or moving into yet more dangerous situations. In search of livelihoods and safety, people often become victims of smugglers or traffickers. Students are given an enhanced awareness and understanding of the complex interaction between migration and humanitarian interventions from the point of view of the migrant, the authorities of the host be it the national or recipient region or country, and the humanitarian worker. This course is held in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

This course is a week-long elective course for the IDOHA module of the MIHA.  If interested in pursuing the MIHA, please apply here.

To take this course individually, independent of the Masters, follow this link.

For the dates and the location of our next Forced Migration course, please visit our calendar.

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