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ethics of humanitarian assistance

Course Directors

Larry Hollingworth

Larry Hollingworth is the Humanitarian Programs Director for the Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation (CIHC) as well as Visiting Professor of Humanitarian Studies at the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs of Fordham University in New York. Over the past few years, he has served as Humanitarian Coordinator on CIHC-sponsored missions for the United Nations in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Pakistan.

After serving as a British Army officer for thirty years, Larry joined UNHCR and held assignments in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. He was appointed UNHCR Chief of Operations in Sarajevo, during the siege of the city in the Balkan conflict.

He is a frequent lecturer on relief and refugee topics in universities and is a commentator on humanitarian issues for the BBC. 

Patrick J. Ryan, SJ

Patrick J. Ryan, SJ
is the Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society at Fordham University, while also teaching at Fordham’s Middle East Studies Program. Fr. Ryan has also supervised Fordham’s programs in Campus Ministry, Global Outreach, and community service in 2005.

Fr. Ryan has spent a total of 26 years living and working in West Africa. During his first assignment to Africa, as a Jesuit in formation, he began teaching at a Catholic high school in Nigeria. He then returned to the United States to pursue theological studies and was ordained at Fordham in 1968. After which, Fr. Ryan he received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in comparative religion and Islamic studies in 1975. Fr. Ryan returned to Africa, acting as a teacher and missionary in West Africa as well as teaching at two different universities in Ghana. He then served as the first president of Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja, Nigeria, which opened in 1996.


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