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The International Simulation Project: Darfur

The International Simulation Project: Darfur

March 30th - June 1st, 2010

Participants included students from:
Fordham University
Fairfield University
Santa Clara University
St. Joe's - Beirut

The International Humanitarian Crisis Simulation: Darfur was an innovative project designed for students to participate in international discourse in a new millennium. It used information technology and online interaction to facilitate global participation. The simulation helped students understand and experience, through virtual reality emergency relief operations, an international political environment fraught with national interests and conflict. Participants in the simulation represented international and non-governmental organizations as well as nation states involved in the Darfur humanitarian crisis. Individuals did research on these organizations and their roles within them, and then worked together to solve problems presented to them in the crisis. Students were presented with a scenario that required responses and provided online connections to facilitate decision-making and negotiations. The teams then reacted, using moves that simulated the cooperation and contention occurring among groups involved in emergency relief.

The Institute plans on participating in another simulation during the 2010-2011 academic year. 
If interested, please email Jenna Felz at and check our website periodically for more details.


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