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1. Humanitarian Action: Theory and Application

the international humanitarian affairs minor

Humanitarian Action: Theory and Application 

The first step in pursuing the IHA minor is to take Humanitarian Action: Theory and Application, an introductory course taught by the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs. The course provides students with an overview of the principal actors in the humanitarian field, including their roles, missions and mandates.
Humanitarian Action: Thoery and Application aims to bridge the divide between theoretical and practical approaches to humanitarian assistance. It works to provide students with an interdisciplinary perspective to the analysis of gender, age, human rights frameworks, and indigenous cultures within conflict and post-conflict situations.

This course is the only course available to students not participating in the IHA Minor.

Humanitarian Action: Theory and Application is offered in the fall and spring semesters.
Please note: this course is a prerequisite to the Foreign Service Program.




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