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2. Philosophy/Theology Requirement

the international humanitarian affairs minor

Select ONE of the following
Philosophy or Theology Courses

The Philosophy or Theology requirement is integral to a holistic understanding of international humanitarian affairs. The following courses are designed to give students a deeper understanding of the strong cultural and religious backgrounds that can both exacerbate humanitarian crises and serve as healing mechanisms.

                                                    PHIL 3184  - Freedom & Responsibility
                                                    PHIL 3118  - Issues of Life and Death
                                                    PHIL 3973  - War and Peace, Just War Theory
                                                    PHIL 4205  - Justice and Social Identity
                                                    THEO 3455 - Theologies of Liberation
                                                    THEO 3542 - Catholic Social Teaching
                                                    THEO 3600 - Religion in Public Life
                                                    THEO 3610 - Christ in World Cultures
                                                    THEO 3660 - Religion and Politics
                                                    THEO 3700 - Scriptures of the World
                                                    THEO 3711 - Sacred Texts of the Mideast
                                                    THEO 3715 - Classic Islamic Texts
                                                    THEO 3720 - Hindu Literature and Ethics
                                                    THEO 3724 - Classic Buddhist Texts
                                                    THEO 3730 - Sacred Books of the East
                                                    THEO 3770 - Islamic Mysticism
                                                    THEO 3780 - Jesus and World Religions
                                                    THEO 3848 - Theologies of Liberation

                                                    THEO 3861 - Works of Mercy, Work for Justice
                                                    THEO 4020 - Faith That Imagines Justice
                                                    THEO 5400 - Topics in Islam: Texts & Traditions

**Fordham College Lincoln Center's Core Curriculum requires students to take two Philosophy courses
   and two Theology courses. Some selected courses may fulfill both the minor and core requirements.



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