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the International humanitarian affairs minor
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Socio-Political Courses

As a prerequisite to the Foreign Service Program students must complete one of the designated courses from the following academic departments: Anthropology, Communications, History, Social Work, Political Science, and Sociology. All selected courses contribute to the understanding of global governance, politics and cooperation. Students will gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of international political and social structures and the benefits and challenges of international cooperation. The completion of one of these courses also serves to help students develop a level of cultural sensitivity prior to immersion in the Foreign Service Program abroad.

                                           ANTH 3373 - Environment and Human Survival
                   ANTH 3725 - Culture and Cultural Change
                   COMM 3106 - International Communication
                           COMM 3110 - Peace, Justice, and the Media
                           HIST 3981 - Modern Middle East
                           HIST 4606 - Seminar: History of Food
                           HIST 4990 - Seminar: History of Climate
                           SOWK 6319 - Social Justice: Practice with Organizations and Communities
                            POSC 2410 - Islamic Political Thought
                                  POSC 2506 - Global Governance
                           POSC 2510 - United Nations
                           POSC 3109 - Political Economy of Poverty
                           POSC 3300 - Theories of Law and Human Rights
                                           POSC 3508 - Politics of Humanitarianism in Africa
                           POSC 3501 - Third World Politics
                              POSC 3507 - International Human Rights
                           POSC 3610 - Political Economy of Development
                           POSC 4454 - Seminar: Global Justice
                           POSC 4805 - International Politics of Peace
                           SOCI 220 - Sociology of Culture
                           SOCI 3043 - Global Inequalities
                           SOCI 3046 - International Sociology
                           SOCI 3410 - Migration and Globalization
                           SOCI 3714 - Terrorism and Society
                           SOCI 4394 - UN, Women, and Youth


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