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5. International Humanitarian Affairs Foreign Service Program

The International humanitarian affairs minor

International Humanitarian Affairs
Foreign Service Program

As the capstone of the International Humanitarian Affairs Minor, this semester-long program further explores the pressing complex issues of natural and man-made emergencies. In addition to the different aspects of foreign service, the program introduces students to possible careers working overseas in development and humanitarian assistance.

At the end of the semester, students are granted the unique opportunity to engage in a two-week service immersion project during Fordham's  winter recess. Accompanied by an academic team, students will travel as a group to one of the possible locations: Nicaragua, Israel,  India, or South Africa. This project will equip students with first-hand experience and knowledge on the social, economic, political, and environmental issues studied throughout the course of the semester. With a different focus for each service immersion project, students will bridge the gap between theory and practice by meeting with local aid organizations and academics in their respective countries.

As a part of the service immersion project, all students will be required to keep daily records of their experience, connecting it to the larger humanitarian themes learned in class. The project is directed by the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs, but may be taught in conjunction with other departments.

Students must have completed the introductory course, Humanitarian Action: Theory and Application, prior to participating in this course.

Please note: students may not simultaneously enroll in Humanitarian Action: Theory and Application and the Foreign Service Program.

The 2012 Foreign Service Program will travel to Nicaragua.


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