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International Humanitarian Internship SEminar

Information for Organizations

The IIHA is interested in forming partnerships with international humanitarian organizations in the New York metropolitan area that benefit both the organization and the student alike. The Institute provides capable, quality undergraduate student interns to a number of NGOs and non-profit organizations in and around NYC in the spring semester (end of January to the end of April).


Our Students


The students who participate in our Humanitarian Internship Program are undergraduate students, primarily in their final year of study. Their interest in the humanitarian field has stemmed from a wealth of backgrounds, including political science, international studies, government affairs, sociology, and history. As a prerequisite to participate in the program, students take an introductory course to humanitarian affairs, through which they gain a strong, comprehensive base of humanitarian knowledge, including both the theoretical and the practical. Topics of focus in the course include the structure of the UN, NGOs and IGOs, international law, human rights, psychosocial approaches to disaster response, international peacekeeping, advocacy and lobbying, and the media's role in humanitarian crises.


The Internship Process


The International Humanitarian Internship Seminar is designed to provide students with a practical setting in which to apply their knowledge. Students are required to intern at least 15 hours per week with a non-governmental or non-profit organization with an international scope, as well as attend a weekly seminar designed to connect their experience with the larger themes of humanitarian action. The placement process begins in early October when students are asked to identify their area of interest. The Institute then provides organizations with the applicable students' cover letters and resumes, upon which those organizations are given the opportunity to select students for interviews. After the interview process, the organizations can select which students they would like to host for the spring semester. The entire selection process is generally finished by early Decemeber, giving organizations enough lead in time to plan for the spring. Students receive academic credit for their internship and have no expectations of being paid for their time.  However, in the past, some organizations have provided small travel stipends for their interns (although this is by no means required).

Thank you for your interest in the program.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of hosting a Fordham intern,
please contact Kasia Laskowski at or (212) 636-7654.


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