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Is the International Humanitarian Affairs Minor Available to Rose Hill students?

While the Minor program is a Fordham College Lincoln Center Minor, it is open to Rose Hill students. Courses for the Minor are available at both the Fordham Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses.


What are the appropriate steps to declaring the Minor?

In order to declare the International Humanitarian Minor, interested students need to pick up a minor declaration sheet from their Dean and schedule an appointment with the IIHA to go over details and the required courses. Our office is located at 33 West 60th Street, 8th floor, where all appointments take place.


When should I declare the International Humanitarian Affairs Minor?

It is strongly suggested that interested students declare the Minor by the end of their sophomore year in order to assist with scheduling.  Please note that courses 5 and 6, to ideally be taken during senior year, will only be available to Minor students.


What does a sample course of study look like for the International Humanitarian Affairs Minor? 

Students must take Course #1, "Humanitarian Action: Theory and Application" before taking courses #5 and #6, "International Humanitarian Affairs Foreign Service Program", and "International Humanitarian Internship Seminar". Please note that courses 5 and 6 must be taken sequentially; #5 in the fall and #6 in the following spring.

Sudents may come to the Minor having already fulfilled the multidisciplinary requirements #2-#4 (History, Philosophy/Theology and Socio-Political). While it is strongly suggested that students have courses 1-4 completed by the time they take courses 5 and 6, the 3 interdisciplinary courses (2-4) may be taken at any time during a student's academic career. 

For a sample student schedule, please visit our Suggested Sequence of Study page.


When is "Humanitarian Action: Theory and Application" (Course #1) offered?

The “Humanitarian Action: Theory and Application” course is offered during the Fall and Spring semesters.


When does the two-week service immersion aspect of the Foreign Service Program take place?

The service immersion aspect of the Foreign Service Program takes place after the course has ended, during the winter recess, and will therefore not conflict with any other classes.


What organizations are affiliated with the International Humanitarian Internship Seminar?

The International Humanitarian Internship Seminar coordinates with a number of organizations, ranging from direct relief service organizations such as Catholic Medical Mission Board, UN World Food Programme, among others, to human rights advocacy organizations, such as Save the Children, Equality Now and Global Action on Aging.  For a complete list of organizations, please visit our affiliates page.


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