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The International Humanitarian Affairs Major

Fordham Students and Faculty in Nicaragua as part of the Foreign Service Immersion Trip, January 2012
(Kasia Laskowski).

Core Courses:

  • HUAF 4001 Introduction to Humanitarian Action: Theory and Practice
    This course serves as the introductory course to the International Humanitarian Affairs Minor and Major, describing the principle actors in the humanitarian field and addressing both theoretical and practical work.

  • HUAF 4500 Foreign Service Program
    This program explores the complexities of international work across a wide variety of case studies. Students can participate in a one-week service immersion project to a country or region with a history of international engagement.

  • HUAF 4800 International Humanitarian Affairs Internship Seminar
    Available to undergraduate Fordham College Lincoln Center and Rose Hill juniors and seniors (with preference given to seniors), the International Humanitarian Affairs Internship Seminar offers students the invaluable opportunity to gain practical experience as an intern with an international humanitarian nongovernmental or intergovernmental organization in New York City.  Students learn about the structure and inner-workings of a variety of NGOs and IGOs that work in areas of global health, world poverty and hunger alleviation, human rights, international law, global governance, women’s rights, conflict resolution, peace-keeping, and international education, among others.  Students also gain professional communication, research, writing and organizing skills that are essential to any future career.

    An integral component of the course is the weekly seminar session that features guest speakers from the Fordham faculty, the United Nations and various international non-governmental organizations who help students connect their individual intern experience to the larger themes of international humanitarian aid and development.

    This course, offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters, is an excellent opportunity for any student interested in pursuing a professional career in the field of international humanitarian affairs. The IIHA serves as a support for internship placements, working closely with students to help with resumes, cover letters, and establishing connections with various organizations. While the IIHA has many New York based partner organizations, it is important to note that students are ultimately responsible for securing their internships through respective application processes, and students are not guaranteed placement with any particular organization.
  • International Humanitarian Studies Senior Thesis Seminar
    The Senior Thesis is a research/analysis paper of 25-40 pages, undertaken during the Thesis Seminar in the fall of the senior year.

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