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The Advanced Certificate in Emerging Markets & Country Risk Analysis

Since the ending of the cold war, private equity investments in emerging financial markets have become a very significant but volatile component of the capital flows into the developing world. Emerging fund managers must not only know the standard tools of financial analysis, but they must also be able to integrate these skills into a fairly sophisticated political and economic framework in order to minimize the difficult risks they face in investing in Asian, African, Latin American, and Eastern European markets. The curriculum for the Certificate in Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis is designed to provide present and future fund managers with such an integrated approach, combining financial, political, and economic analysis in order to better assess the financial opportunities in these markets.

Certificate Requirements:

The Certificate in Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis is earned by successfully completing POGA 6991 Political Risk Analysis and ECGA 5540 Emerging Markets with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better. Students who lack either two undergraduate courses or one graduate course in finance with grades of B or better, must also complete ECGA 5040 Strategic Financial Management with a grade of B or better.

As part of their 12 MA courses, IPED students may also fulfill the requirements for the Certificate. This certificate is also open to qualified visiting students from other universities as well as currently employed professionals. The required course work for this certificate is given only during the summer.

For additional information visit the Certificate Program's Web Site Summer Program in Emerging Markets.

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