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Emerging Markets & Country Risk Analysis

Tuition and Fees (Summer 2014, not yet updated for 2015):
  • Application Fee -- $70.00
  • Certificate Tuition (2 course sequence) -- $7,170.00
  • Certificate Tuition (3 course sequence) -- $10,755.00 
  • Housing -- $900.00 (for each summer session)
Frequently businesses will reimburse their employees for tuition paid at Fordham. Be sure to check with your personnel office if you are entitled to any tuition reimbursement benefits.

Special Tuition Arrangement with the University of Pretoria (South Africa)

Because of student exchange programs, students from Pretoria are not charged Fordham tuition.  Instead, they pay tuition to their home school at their home school's tuition rates.  These students are also exempt from the application fee.  They are, however, responsible for the cost of their transportation, room and board.  They must also arrange for the necessary visas to travel to the United States.

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