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Dual Degree Programs

IPED offers three dual degree programs:

The Economics MA at Fordham

Fordham's Economics Department can grant up to twelve (12) credits (4 courses) of advanced standing to IPED students who wish to stay on at Fordham in order to earn a second MA in Economics in addition to their IPED MA. Interested students, prior to completing their MA in the IPED program, must formally apply for admission into the Economics MA program.  All application fees are waived. Such an option is useful for students who wish to compliment a non-economics specialization (international political analysis, international development studies, or international banking & finance) in their IPED course work with more specialized training in economics (development economics, financial economics, monetary economics, or international economics). Others use this option to further pursue and broaden their economics training in IPED (international & development economics specialization) with additional economics course work in their Economics MA Program. With proper planning, a student can obtain both MA degrees within two years, including one summer.

The Dual MA/JD Program at Fordham

Approved by the Fordham Law Faculty and in accordance with the guidelines of the American Bar Association, Fordham Law School students may participate in a joint degree program where they will earn the JD as well as the MA in IPED. At the beginning of the spring semester of their first year of law school, interested students should contact the IPED Director in order to make arrangements for application into the IPED Program. All application fees are waived.  During their second year of Law School, these students normally begin their IPED studies. They must complete two economics core courses, two political science core courses, one quantitative methods course, and three electives in the IPED Program. These students usually take two courses per semester for a total of four semesters to fulfill these IPED requirements. Following the guidelines of the American Bar Association these courses can also partially count toward their JD degree. All remaining courses needed for the MA (12 credits) are usually done as part of their JD degree work provided that these courses are all in international law.

The Economics PhD at Fordham

The IPED MA also meets the needs of students who use the program to gain an advanced interdisciplinary knowledge of international issues before entering upon a traditional PhD program in one of the social sciences. Special arrangements exist for IPED students who wish to earn their PhD at Fordham in Economics. IPED students who wish to pursue the PhD should have a GPA of 3.5 or above.

For the PhD in economics at Fordham, a student, prior to completing the MA in the IPED program, must formally apply for admission.  All application fees are waived. There does not exist at Fordham a PhD in IPED.  Students in the Economics PhD, however, have the ability to explore political economy questions in either international or development economics.

If accepted into the economics doctoral program, a student must complete only 30 credits (10 courses) plus ECGA 6010, ECGA 6020, ECGA 5710, and ECGA 6910 if they were not taken as part of the IPED MA curriculum. Furthermore, an IPED graduate must certify in two instead of three fields of concentration. Certification is these two fields is done through examination.

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