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Overview: IPED Internship

The IPED Internship Program (PEGA 8085 IPED Internship) is designed to provide our students with the practical training they need to compete in today's market place. All IPED students who lack previous relevant professional experience are required to complete an internship. Before registering for an internship, students must have completed 18 credits and be in good academic standing. The internship must also be with an approved international and/or development organization such as a major international bank or business, the United Nations and its associated organizations, US and non-US governmental agencies with international responsibilities, non-profit international organizations, or an international media organization.

Students can do up to two internships for credit and are also free to do not-for-credit internships if they wish.

The IPED Intern Fellowship Program (PEGA 8090 IPED Intern Fellow), working closely with our alumni, sponsors a number of specially selected internships in the private sector (usually in the financial services sector), in government (both US and UN), and in the non-profit sector (both international development and human rights). These specially selected internships are only available on a competitive basis. While internships can be repeated, fellowship awards are given only once. IPED Intern Fellows are exempted from any tuition charges associated with their internship. Intern Fellows frequently receive a small stipend.

Overseas Internships are highly recommended. Almost all career paths value international exposure and foreign language ability, while many career paths require it. To assist students who require additional international exposure or foreign language training, the IPED Program offers, on a competitive basis, Language Immersion Study Awards (LISA), International Peace and Development (IPD) Travel Scholarships and International Study Tours to Africa and Asia. Any of these programs can be used to fulfill the internship requirement.

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