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Internships and Practical Training

PEGA 8085 IPED Internship (0.5 credits)

All students without relevant professional experience must complete an IPED internship. Normally part-time students are excluded from this requirement. A first-hand experience of an international career in the business, government, or the non-profit sector often provides invaluable practical training needed for job placement. Students may do up to two internships for credit. While optional, students who already have relevant practical training may nonetheless wish to do an internship for credit or not-for-credit.

Before registering for an internship, a student must have completed 18 credits and be in good academic standing. The IPED Director or designee must approve and monitor all internships for credit. Internships for credit must be with an approved international and/or developmental organization. Such organizations include international banks and businesses, the United Nations and its associated organizations, US and non-US governmental agencies with international responsibilities, non-profit international development and human rights organizations, and international news media. Six to eight week overseas language immersion programs with a home stay can also qualify as an internship when language competency is deem important for a particular career path. Given the wealth of internship opportunities available in New York, students are encouraged to use their own initiative and the resources of the IPED Career Office to find and design their own internships best suited to their career goals. During the summer, students are urged to explore internship possibilities in Washington, D.C. and outside the United States.

PEGA 8090 IPED Intern Fellow
Working closely with our alumni, the IPED program also sponsors an Intern Fellowship Program. Matriculated students in good academic standing may apply for a number of specially designated internships in the private sector (usually in the financial services sector), in government (both US and UN), and in the non-profit sector (both international development and human rights). While internships may be repeated, intern fellowships are only available on a competitive basis and can only be done once. If selected for an IPED Intern Fellowship, you will register for PEGA 8090 IPED Intern Fellow in place of PEGA 8085 IPED Internship and thereby be exempted from any tuition charges related to your internship. The IPED Program also funds a number of summer internship stipends. Visit Intern Fellowship Program for more details.

Language Study and Travel Awards
Students who receive and complete Language Immersion Study Awards (LISA) and International Peace and Development Travel Scholarships have fulfilled their internship requirement. Students normally complete an internship as part of our Emerging Markets Travel Program.

Language Immersion Study Awards (LISA) are awarded competitively each year to finance IPED students who wish to spend their summer after their first year of study in an overseas language immersion program. Visit LISA Scholarship for more information.

International Peace and Development (IPD) Travel Scholarships are awarded competitively each year to finance IPED students who wish to do a semester long internship overseas with selected relief and development agencies. IPD Travel Scholarships cover round trip airfare, stipend for living expenses, insurance, and tuition remission for PEGA 8999. Visit IPD Travel Scholarship for more information.

International Study Tours.  Scholarships are also available to fund student participation in IPED's International Study Tours.  Our Philippine Study Tour occurs during our winter break and is done in cooperation with the Ateneo de Manila University.  If focuses on Community Development and Project Assessment and is especially designed for our student who wish to pursue careers as project managers with relief and development organizations.  Our South African Study Tour occurs during August and is done in cooperation with the University of Pretoria.  If focuses on Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis and is especially designed for our students who wish to pursue careers as financial analysts in the private sector or as economists in the public sector.

More Information
The IPED Career Office (Room E-540, Dealy Hall, Rose Hill Campus) maintains various information regarding internships as well as career opportunities.

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