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Overseas internships are strongly recommended.
Many organizations, especially in the non-profit sector, will not hire individuals who do not have overseas work experience.

Health Insurance

The University strongly recommends that students traveling overseas have Medical Expense Coverage, Emergency Medical Assistance and Medical Evacuation benefits. Many private health insurance plans do not provide any overseas coverage or medical evacuation. Two Plans that meet these needs are:
Health Insurance for US Students Studying Abroad
CMI Insurance
 MEDEX Global Solutions
P.O. Box 19056
Baltimore, MD 21284
Phone: (410) 583-2595(410) 583-2595,
(800) 586-0753(800) 586-0753
Fax: (410) 583-8244
Diplomat International
Global Underwriters
3195 Linwood Road, Suite 201
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
Phone: (800) 423-8496(800) 423-8496
Fax: (513) 533-1055
Insurance applications should be made at least six weeks prior to departure.  Applications for both Health Insurance Plans are available in the IPED Commons (Dealy Hall, Room E 540).


The university strongly recommends that all students doing an overseas internship receive proper immunizations.
Health Information for Travelers can be obtain from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at

Frequently immunizations can be gotten for free or at a reduced price from the University's Health Services. Fordham Health Services usually refers our students to Dr. Kevin Cahill in Manhattan for immunizations that they do not administer.

Immunizations, as well as an orientation to health issues while traveling overseas, can also be obtained from:

Dr. Theresa Madaline, MD
International Health and Travelers Clinic
Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Montefiore Medical Park
1575 Blondell Avenue - Suite 200
Bronx, New York 10461
(866) 633-8255
866 633-8255

Please call to make an appointment about 6 weeks prior to departure.

Travel Agent

MTS Travel is a leader in not-for-profit, cause-related travel to places unknown to most Americans.

MTS Travel
Phone: (800) 418-2929(800) 418-2929

Travel Scholarships

To further encourage overseas internships, the IPED program funds a number of travel scholarships.
International Peace and Development (IPD) Travel Scholarships. In cooperation with Catholic Relief Services, Fordham awards several International Peace and Development Travel Scholarships each year to finance IPED students who wish to do a six month long internship overseas working with an international relief and development organization. Click on IPD Travel Scholarships for more details.

Language Immersion Study Awards (LISA).  The IPED program also funds, on a competitive basis, Lanaguage Immersion Study Awards (LISA). LISA scholarships finance IPED students who wish to spend the summer after their first year of study overseas enrolled in a language immersion program. Click on Language Immersion Study Awards for more details.

Emerging Markets Travel Program.  The IPED Program is also able to provide a limited number of tuition scholarships to students who wish to spend a semester participating in our Emerging Markets Travel Program.  Click on Emerging Markets Travel Program for more details.

Outside Prestigious Travel Awards and Fellowships.  The IPED program, through the Office of the Graduate School's Prestigious Fellowship Advisor, will also assist you in the preparation of your application for outside prestigious travel awards such as such as a Boren Awards  (slso known as the National Security Education Program Fellowship), a Fulbright Fellowship, or the Emerging Markets Development Program Advisors. If you are interested in any of these programs, please see the IPED Director as early as possible during your studies at Fordham.

Travel Warnings

Travel Warnings are posted by the US State Department at

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