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Course Requirements

For the Masters of Arts degree in International Political Economy and Development (IPED), completion of twelve courses (36 credits) beyond the bachelor's degree is required, including four core courses (12 credits), a one semester quantitative methods course (3 credits), and seven electives (21 credits). Satisfactory completion of an internship for those lacking relevant professional experience and a comprehensive examination are also required.


The core course requirement is satisfied by taking four courses from the list below. These courses must include two economics courses and two political science courses. The two economics courses and the two political science courses must be chosen from two different areas (foundational, global economic relations, or international development). It is recommended, but not required, that the student cover all three areas. Depending on the student's preparation, the director may grant permission to take a more advanced level course in a department instead of a particular core course. The student, however, should be aware that the comprehensive examination is based primarily on the material presented in the economic and political science core courses.

Economics and Political Science
(two courses each, covering two different areas)


Students who lack intermediate training in microeconomics and macroeconomics must take ECGA 5011 Economic Analysis.

Global Economic Relations
  • ECON 5510 International Economic Policy or ECON 5515 International Monetary Policy
  • POSC 6640 Politics of Global Economic Relations

International Development
Quantitative Methods
Depending on the student's preparation, permission may be granted to take a more advanced quantitative methods course in place of Applied Econometrics.

In addition to the core course requirement and the quantitative methods requirement, seven electives must be selected, depending on the student's interests and career goals. These electives may include any core course not already taken to fulfill the core course requirement. Furthermore, with the permission of the director, a student may register for other courses offered by the Graduate School. The student should also be aware that the Graduate School of Business Administration, the Graduate School of Social Service, and the School of Law offer a number of appropriate courses that are open to IPED students. However, a student must secure permission from the Director, as well as from the professional school, before being able to register for these courses. Special arrangements exist with the Business School to simplify cross registration. It is recommended, though not required, that students use at least four of their electives to concentrate within a certain specialization.

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