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Foreign Language Training

Proficiency in a foreign language is a distinct advantage in today's job market and an absolute requirement for some careers, especially in development and relief work. For example, candidates for Catholic Relief Services' post-graduate International Development Fellowship must be able to demonstrate professional proficiency in either French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

The fundamentals of a foreign language should be learned during your undergraduate training. Real proficiency in a language, however, is usually achieved only through time spent living among native speakers.

Fordham ARABIC, French, portuguese, and Spanish Courses

A limited number of IPED students who wish to remain current in their knowledge of Arabic, French, Portuguese, or Spanish may enroll, in addition to their regular courses, in one language course each semester on an audit basis at no cost. Students interested in auditing a language course at Fordham should first see the IPED Director for permission.

Overseas Language Immersion Programs
Many students already have a good background in a foreign language, but are still not proficient since they lack the experience of living in an environment where they must constantly speak the language. These students are urged to apply for a Language Immersion Study Award. Recipients of a Language Immersion Study Award can spend the summer after their first year of study in an overseas language immersion program.

Non-Western Languages

Students who are US citizens and who are interested in a non-western language should consider applying for a Boren Fellowships. Boren Fellowships Fellows receive funding for one year of overseas language training. These students should be in contact with the Graduate School's Prestigious Fellowship Advisor who will assist them in the preparation of their application.

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