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The Masters of Arts Program

The core curriculum for the Master of Arts in International Political Economy and Development (IPED) begins by providing you with a rigorous foundation in economic, political, and quantitative analysis at the graduate level. The core then builds on this solid foundation by offering you an advanced interdisciplinary study of global economic relations and international development issues. At the end of your program you will be required to take a comprehensive examination that serves as a capstone experience by forcing you to integrate much of the material you learned in the core courses.

In addition to the core, there are electives in the IPED MA curriculum that allow you to complete your professional training by specializing in any one of the following areas:
  • Global Environmental & Resource Economics;
  • International Banking and Finance;
  • International Development Studies;
  • International & Development Economics; and
  • International Political Analysis.

As part of your MA course work you can also complete the requirements for the following two advanced certificates:
  • Emerging Markets & Country Risk Analysis; and
  • Financial Econometrics & Data Analysis.

Practical Training
If you lack relevant professional experience, you will be required to obtain practical training through an internship with an international organization in the business, government, or non-profit sector. There are also opportunities to travel overseas through our International Study Tours, our Language Immersion Study Awards, and our International Peace and Development Travel Fellowships. We also award a number of summer internship stipends.

A full-time student can complete the program in three semesters. The program, however, is flexible enough to accommodate part-time students. Frequently international organizations in the New York area will sponsor their employees as part-time students. Part-time students can complete the program in two years, including two summers.

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