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Winter Merienda
December 9, 2002

The event was held at the O'Hare Room in the Walsh Family Library and the recipient of the Matteo Ricci Award for Academic Excellence was Ms. Michelle Born (USA). The recipients of the International Peace and Development Travel Scholarships were Mr. Daniel Durkin (USA) and Mr. Armand Tristan R. Suratos (Philippines).

The Matteo Ricci Award

Michelle receives the Ricci Award from Dean Baumgarth.


The Rev. Gerald Blaszczak, SJ awards Daniel and Tirstan their IPD Travel Scholarships. They will intern for six months with the Zimbabwe Office of Catholic Relief Services.

Dr. Crystal inducts Amina, Shane, Tsurue, Clara, Melissa, Tristan, Christina, Daniel I., Craig, Soneath, Michelle, and, Daniel D. (not pictured: Julian and Silje) into the International Relations Honor Society. 

Dean Baumgarth awards Geralynn, Daniel I., and Tsurue (not pictured: Giacomo, Joseph, Caitlin, Mary, Gregory, Keeko, Angela, Laura, Silje, Philippe, Haruka, and Gergana) their Advanced Certificates in Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis.

Christina and Michelle award an IPED Appreciation Certificate to Ms. Geralyn Batista for her outstanding service to the students of the IPED Program.

Professors Entelis and Diulio congratulate Christina, Michelle, Hana, Daniel I. and Daniel D. for their High Passes on the Comprehensives.

Professors Diulio and Entelis congratulate Aya for her Pass with Distinction in Economic AND Political Analysis on the Comprehensives.

Professor Diulio and Entelis congratuale Tristan, Sabina, Melissa, Shane and Tsurue (not pictured: Angela, Emilie, Julian, and Silje) for their Pass with Distinction in either Economic or Political Analysis on the Comprehensive Examination.


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