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IPED South Africa Study Tour
August 2010

EMERGING FINANCIAL MARKETS was the focus of our summer study tour to South Africa.                                                 

Special thanks to the Economics Department at the University of Pretoria for hosting us.

The University of Pretoria

Academic Field Trips

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

In additon to our classroom work, we also had a number of valuable briefings at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the Reserve Bank of South Africa as well as with leaders from the business community, labor and the government.

Reserve Bank of South Africa

Nationanl Union of Metal Workers of South Africa

The US Chamber of Commerce in South Africa

We also had side trips to Capetown, soccer games, and a safari!

Trip to Capetown and Cape Point


On Safari

On Safari

Some other photos

Johannesburg International Airport

Johannesburg International Airport

IPED Study Hall in Pretoria

Overlooking Pretoria


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