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Winter Merienda
December 11, 2009

We held IPED's Winter Merienda in the Twelfth Floor Lounge in Lowenstein.  Mr. Patrick Gallic (New Jersey) received the Matteo Ricci Award for Academic Excellence.  The recipients of the International Peace and Development Travel Scholarships were Mr. John Briggs (North Carolina), Ms. Blain Cerney (Missouri), Mr. Patrick Gallic (New Jersey), Mr. Peter Andrew Gutierrez (Philippines), and Mr. Gyanu Sharma (Nepal).  Special thanks to Peter and Matt Lo.for all their work in organizing our Winter Merienda.


Patrick receives the Ricci Award from Dr.Schwalbenberg.


Mel (left) gets an award from Dr. S for having a perfect score on the Comprehensive.
Dr.Buckely (right) congratulates Patrick, Peter, and Mel on thier High Passes with Distinctions in Economic and Political Analysis on the Comprehensives. 

Dr. Mitra (right) congratulates Gyanu and Vica on their Passes with Distinctions in Economic and Political Analysis on the Comprehensives. 
On behalf of their class, Petter and matt thank Lorah (left) for all her assistance in running the IPED Office.
Dr. Burke (right) congratulates Brian, Christopher, Carlos, Blain, Kinsy and Matt Lo on their Passes with a Distinction in Economic Analysis on the Comprehensives.
Dr. Crystal (right) congratulates Aiel, Stephen, and Abdi on their Passes with Distinction in Political Analysis on the Comprehensives.


Dr. Crystal inducst Blain, Jason, Xiaoyi, Stephen, Peter, Kinsy, Carlos, Josephine, Holomo, Matthew La, Matthew Lo, Abdi, Huong, Christopher, Mel, Brian, Aiel and Michelle into the Honor Society for the study of International Relations.

IPD travel scholars

Fr. DeCola, SJ (right) gives out the Internaitonal Peace and Development Travel Scholarships to Gyanu, Peter, Patrick and Blain.  Gyanu and Blain will be assigned to Senegal, Patrick to Sierra Leone and Peter to Rwanda.
emerging markets certificates

Fr. DeCola, SJ (right) awards certificates to Brian, Shan-chiou, Holomo, Matt La, Stephen, Carolos and Matt Lo. for completing the requirements for the Advanced Certificate in Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis.

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