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Alumni Career Networking Nite
Thursday, March 31, 2011

We held our Networking Nite in the 12th Floor Lounge of the Lowenstein Buidling at our Lincoln Center Campus in Midtown Manhattan. From our previous career trips and campus lectures, our students have had many opportunities to meet our alumni in the public sector and in the non-profit sector.  We therefore thought that it might be best to use our New York Career Nite to focus on opportunities in the private sector.  About half of our alumni are employed in the private sector, primarily in finance and in management consultancy.

Mr. Leon Villanueva, Class of 2010, is an International Database Manager with Haver Analytics.  He spoke about careers in market intelligence as well as the oportunities that exist for international students.  Mr. Matthew Ladd, Class of 2009, works as a Transfer Pricing Economist with Ernst & Young and gave us some insights into the work of a management consultant.  And finally, Ms. Xiaoyi Fan, Class of 2010, is an Associate with CCG Financial Advisors.  She spoke about her work with Chinese private firms that wish to go public on a major international stock exchange such as New York's.


Professor Crystal awarded the IPED Language Immersion Study Awards to Donna ($4,500 to study Spanish in Bolivia), Jonathan ($5,500 to study French in southern France), and Emily ($5,500 to study French also in southern France).  KerriAnne (not pictured in the photo) later received her award ($5,500 to study French in southern France).

Language Immerssion Study Awards

Fr. Francis X. Hezel, SJ distributed the Arrupe Field Placement Awards to Emily ($4,000 assignment pending) and to Erin ($4,000 for a summer assignment with UNDP in West Africa), while Dr. Crystal distributed the Public Service Field Placement Awards to Katie ($4,000 for a summer assignment with the US State Department in Morocco) and to Dominic ($4,000 assignment pending).

Arrupe Field Placement Awards

Public Service Field Placement Awards


We thank the IPED Alumni Association for their generous support of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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