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Winter Merienda 
Friday, December 9, 2011

We held IPED's Winter Merienda in Duane Library's Tognino Hall. Mr. Dominic Monley won the Matteo Ricci Award for Academic Excellence.  And the recipients of the International Peace and Development Travel Scholarships were Erin Atwell who is being assigned to Rwanda, Emily Groene who is being assigned to Burkina Faso and Emily MacGruder who is being assigned to Sierra Leone.  Special thanks to our students for all their work in organizing our Winter Merienda. 


 Dr. Schwalbenberg presents the Ricci Award to Dominic Monley.


Erin and Dominic both won the Maria Carmella Dela Rosa Oliveros award from Dr. Mitra for earning a perfect score on their Comprehensives (3rd and 4th time in the Program's history).  The Xaiver Award for a perfect grade point average has been won only three times in the Program's history).

Dr. Buckley congratulates Shane, Jonathan, Oleksii, Emily M., Nathan, and Susan on passing their Comprehensives with distinctions in both Economic and Political Analysis.

Dr. Crystal congratulates Nomsa, Eileen, Kerri Anne, Lydia, Bailey, Sergey, and Donna for passing their Comprehensives with with distinctions in Political Analysis. 

Dr. Burke and Dr. Rengifo congratulate Katie and Alexey for passing their Comprehensives with distinctions in Economic Analysis. 


South African Consul General George Monyemangene and Dr. Jonathan Cyrstal congratulate Erin, Emily M, and Emily G. for winning IPED's International Peace and Development Travel Scholarship.  This scholarship will fund their overseas six month internships with Catholic Relief Services. His Excellency Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, the Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the UN, and His Excellency Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, both sent their congratulations and prayers for the success of our students' work with Catholic Relief Services in Burkina Faso, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. 

South Africa: Emerging Markets
The Philippines: Project Assessment
South African Consul General George Monyemangene awards the Silver Rhino Pin to Leilanee, Nomsa, Susan, Jonathan, Eileen, Emily G., Katie, Donna, and Tessa for participating in IPED's South African Study Abroad Program.  Dr. Alma Schwalbenberg awards the Silver Kalabaw Pin to Jonathan, Eileen, Emily G., Katie, Emily M, Dominic and Dona for participating in IPED's Philippine Study Abroad Program.

the honor society in international ECONOMIC relations

Dr. Crystal inducts Usama, Erin, Shane, Wander, Jonathan, Eileen, Bailey, Tessa, Kerri Anne, Aaron, Emily G., Katie, Oleksii, Susan, Emily M. Nomasa, Dominic, Donna, Leilanee, Nathan, Andra, and Emily W. into our international honor society.



Dr. Themeli congratulations Leilanee, Lydia, Nomsa, Wander, Oleksii, Eva, and Valentina for earning the Advanced Certificate in Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis.
PROGRaM assessment

Dr. Mitra congratulations Nathan, Erin, Emily M., and Donna for earning the non-credit certificate in Program Assessment.

financial econometrics & dATA ANALYSIS

Dr. Brent congratulates Sergey, Leilanee, Erin, Aleksey, Oleksii, Eva, and Andra for earning the Advanced Certificate in Financial Econometrics and Data Analysis.




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