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The Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development (IPED) offers a number of career placement services specifically designed for IPED students. Since we are a small program, we are able to give you the personal attention that you deserve.

IPED Career Library: Located in Room E 540 of Dealy Hall, the IPED Career Library has a number of resources geared especially to IPED students.  There are career guides that focus on particular aspects of the private sector, the government sector, and the non-profit sector.  With respect to the private sector, the library maintains up to date information on careers in banking, finance, and management consulting.  With regard to the government sector the library is geared to the US Executive Branch, the US Congress, and the United Nations. And our non-profit sector holdings focus primarily on international relief and development organizations. We also maintain up to date holdings on internships, cover letters, resumes, and interviewing.

IPED Alumni Networking Directory: Each year the IPED Program produces a directory of alumni who are available for informational interviews regarding their professional careers.  This directory is distributed at no cost to current students and recent graduates as well as to all alumni who complete our annual survey.  Many have found it to be an invaluable resource in getting their job search started.

Career Trips: Each fall semester the IPED Program sponsors career trips to the United Nations and to Washington, DC.  Each spring semester we sponsor a career trip to Wall Street.  Besides learning about exciting career opportunites, our students are able to network and to interact with many of our alumni.

Summer Internship Funds: Funding is available to students who wish to pursue unpaid or low-paying internships.  These funds allow students to accept those internships that will best prepare them for their intended career.

► Travel Programs:  We sponsor three international travel programs.  Our Emerging Markets Study Abroad Program in South Africa is designed primarily for students specializing in International Banking and Finance or in International Economics.  Each August we provide our students with an opportunity to interact with South African business, government and labor leaders as well as US leaders actively involved in the financial and commercial aspects of this emerging market economy.  Our Project Assessment Study Abroad Program in the Philippines is designed primarily for students specializing in International Development Studies or in Development Economics.  Each January we provide our students with an intensive training program in project assessment that allows them to form teams that visit and access rural community projects ranging from eco-tourism to fishing coops.  And our International Peace and Development Travel Fellowship Program is designed for students specializing in International Development Studies.  At the end of their studies our students can experience a six month assignement as an assistant project manager overseas with an international relief and development agency.

Alumni Career Networking Nite:  Held each spring in Manhattan, this annual social event brings several alumni speakers to campus to give their insights into their professional careers in the private sector, in business, or in the non-profit sector.

Preparation for Prestigious Awards:  The IPED Program actively encourages and assists our students when they apply for prestigous post-graduate awards.  Many of these awards can provide important stepping stones into exciting future careers.  Our students consistently win prestigous awards such as Fulbright Fellowships,  Boren National Security Fellowships, US Presidential Management Awards, Emerging Markerts Development Advisor Program, International Development Fellowships, and Lord Mountbatten London /New York Internships.

To get a sense of our success, prospective students may want to visit Alumni Placement to see a recent sample of where our graduates are actually placed. 

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