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Emerging Markets Travel Program

Up to four IPED students who are in good academic standing and who have completed their first year of studies at Fordham, can spend the summer studying first-hand the emerging market of the Dominican Republic, or the following fall studying the emerging markets of Mexico or the Philippines. The Dominican Republic is a key economic actor in the Caribbean. Mexico is one of the major financial markets of Latin America. And the Philippines is an important financial market in Southeast Asia.

Students interested in the Dominican Republic will spend their summer in Santo Domingo where they will be hosted by the InterDom Program, an exchange program organized by the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development. This program can consist of Spanish language training as well as an internship with a Dominican financial institution or government agency.

Those students selected for the Mexican Program can spend their fall semester in Mexico City where through an exchange program with the Universidad Iberoamericana they can enroll in up to six credits of graduate business and economics courses. These students are strongly encouraged to do an internship in the financial services sector of Mexico. The course schedule at Ibero should be available on their web site, Students interested in Mexico must have professional competency in Spanish.

Students interested in the Philippines can visit Manila in the fall semester where they will earn six credits interning at the Center for Economic Research and Development at the Ateneo de Manila University. The intern will be involved in updating a model of the Philippine economy that is used to provide short-term economic forecasts to private and government organizations. Students interested in the Philippines must have a background in applied econometrics.

Tuition Scholarships

On a competitive basis students engaged in the Emerging Markets Travel Program are awarded tuition scholarships for 6 credits. Students participating in the Emerging Markets Travel Program, however, must normally cover the costs of travel, housing, visas, and obtaining appropriate medical insurance.

Admissions Criteria

Admission into the Emerging Markets Travel Program, as well as consideration for tuition scholarships, is based upon the following criteria: (1) academic performance in the IPED Program; (2) ability to adapt to a foreign culture; (3) ability to work cooperatively and productively within an organization; and (4) a commitment to a professional career in international business and finance with a strong interest in emerging markets. In the case of the Mexican Program admission is also based on (1) the quality of the proposed internship in Mexico and (2) Spanish language proficiency. In the case of the Philippine Program admission is also based on (1) competence in applied econometrics.

Application Procedure

IPED students who wish to apply for the Emerging Markets Travel Program must submit to the IPED Office the following information:


Listing of all IPED courses that you have taken or are taking (include grades when known);

One page maximum personal statement indicating how participation in the Emerging Markets Travel Program might assist you in achieving your future career goals;

and up to three letters of recommendation from individuals who jointly can attest to (i) your academic ability (preferably from a professor), (ii) your ability to adapt to a foreign culture, and (iii) your ability to work cooperatively and productively within an organization (preferably from an employer)

For the Mexican Program

Proposed internship in the Mexican financial services sector; and

An evaluation of your Spanish language proficiency by a Fordham professor of Spanish.

For the Philippine Program

An evaluation of your skills in applied econometrics by a Fordham professor.

The deadline for submitting all materials to the IPED Office is February 1 of each year.

For additional information, contact the IPED Office (, Dealy Hall, Room E511.

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