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All matriculated IPED students in good academic standing are invited to apply for an International Peace and Development (IPD) Travel Scholarship. Up to four IPD Travel Scholarships are offered each year. Scholarship recipients will be able to spend six months at the conclusion of their studies working overseas with an international non-profit relief and development agency.

The IPD Travel Scholarship's stipend for the Spring 2013 semester is expected to equal US$12,204. This stipend is intended to reimburse you for the cost of airfare to and from the country of assignment, local travel between your residence and your work site, as well as the costs of housing and board while in country. Health insurance, including emergency medical evacuation, is included separately. The scholarship also includes tuition remission for 3.5 credits. During the overseas assignment you will be required to register for IPED 8999 IPD Scholarship during the Spring and IPED 8085 IPED Internship during the Summer. Registration in IPED 8999 and IPED 8085 will insure that you are covered by the university's liability insurance. The internship assignment will be for six months, from mid January until mid July, 2013.

For Spring 2013, the IPD Travel Scholarships will be in partnership with Catholic Relief Services. Past assignments with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) have included the following countries: Brazil, Burkina Faso, East Timor, El Salvador, Ghana, Honduras, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe.

IPED students who wish to apply for the IPD Travel Scholarship must submit to the IPED office the following information:

(A) written permission to share academic information in your file with our partner agency, Catholic Relief Services;

(B) resume (be sure to indicate language abilities);

(C) one page maximum personal statement indicating how the IPD Travel Scholarship might assist you in achieving your future career goals, be sure to state whether or not you are seriously considering a future career with our partner agency, Catholic Relief Services;

(D) two page maximum journalistic essay on "The Role of Civil Society in Development;" and

(E) up to three letters of recommendation from individuals who jointly can attest to (i) your academic ability (preferably from a professor), (ii) your ability to adapt to a foreign culture, and (iii) your ability to work cooperatively and productively within an organization (preferably from an employer).

The deadline for submitting all materials to the IPED Office is May 1st of each year. The criteria for selection are: (1) academic performance in the IPED Program including writing sample; (2) ability to adapt to a foreign culture and foreign language competency; (3) ability to work cooperatively and productively within an organization; (4) commitment to grass-roots development and the non-profit sector; and (5) your interest in pursuing a career with our partner agency.

For additional information, contact the IPED Office (

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