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Language Immersion Study Awards

Language Class in Bolivia Host Family in Brazil

All matriculated IPED students in good academic standing are invited to apply for a Language Immersion Study Award (LISA). Each year up to four IPED students will be awarded LISA Scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be able to spend the summer after the completion of their first year of study in an overseas language immersion program.

LISA scholarship stipends range from $4,700 to $5,700 depending on the language immersion program, plus the cost of basic health insurance for students studying abroad. These stipends roughly cover the costs of round trip airfare, tuition, and board for language immersion programs lasting at least eight weeks. LISA scholarship holders are expected to live with native speaking host families during their summer immersion program. LISA scholars may use their stipend for the study of any language, provided that the language immersion program is approved by Fordham. US students interested in studying a non-western language are expected to also apply for a Boren Fellowship.

Application Procedures

IPED students who wish to apply for a Language Immersion Study Award must submit to the IPED office the following information by December 1st of each year:
  • resume (be sure to indicate language abilities);
  • two page maximum personal statement indicating how a LISA scholarship might assist you in achieving your future career goals, your preference for a language immersion program, and, if applicable, whether or not you have applied for a Boren fellowship;
  • summary of any previous foreign language training (please note grades received for any formal class work); and
  • up to three letters of recommendation from individuals who jointly can attest to (i) your academic ability (preferably from a professor), (ii) your ability to adapt to a foreign culture, and (iii) your ability to work cooperatively and productively within an organization (preferably from an employer).
Selection Criteria

Successful applicants must be in good academic standing and preference will be given to first year, full-time students who achieve a GPA of 3.5 or better during their first semester in the IPED program. Applicants should also have completed at least two semesters of formal training in the language they wish to study or a closely related language. Preference will be given to those students who have more than 2 semesters of language training, but have not yet achieved complete proficiency in the language. Preference will also be given to those applicants who seek a career in relief and development work or who will use this experience to prepare an application for a post-graduate Fulbright, a post-graduate International Development Fellowship with Catholic Relief Services or any other similar prestigious fellowship.

In cooperation with Catholic Relief Services, we intend to target up to two LISA scholarships to fund French language study for students who intend to apply for IPED's International Peace and Development Travel Scholarships.

Recommended Programs of Language Study

We strongly recommend the following programs for our students:
  • Arabic: Jordan.
  • French: Any Alliance Francais institution in France outside of Paris.
  • Spanish: Cuzco, Peru.

(Last Updated: 18 February 2014)

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