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Innovations in South America
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Information on projects in the following countries is currently available:

  • Since 2005, the UNICEF country office in Argentina has been creating reports on social budgeting, working jointly with the Ministry of Economy of Argentina to implement the results. The reports are comprised of in-depth analysis of the evolution of social expenditures on children at national, provincial and local levels between 1995-2007. See the 2005 and 2006 reports (in Spanish) for complete information on assessing the national budget toward children.

    The Handbook for Orientation of Citizens toward Participation in the Public Budget (in Spanish) describes the different stages of the budgetary process, the current practices applied in these stages and the existent opportunities for participation. The manual is focused on social investment in children and adolescents.

    Click Here to read a detailed profile on the Social Budgeting work of Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth in Argentina.

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  • Beyond Elections Documentary Part II (Participatory Budgeting Part I): An 8min documentary on Participatory Budgeting efforts in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

    Beyond Elections Documentary Part 4 (Participatory Budgeting III): This 6min video gives an update on the Participatory Budgeting work done in Porto Alegre, Brazil after the election of a new mayor.

    Click Here to read a detailed profile on the Social Budgeting work of the United Nations Children's Fund in Brazil.

    UNICEF Brazil recently launched the Children's Investment Bullein which serves to further increase government transparency in regards to the percent of the federal government budget devoted to children and adolescents, while also strengthening civil society’s ability to monitor these spendings. The Bulletin can be downloaded in Portuguese from the UNICEF Brazil website

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