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Inclusive Crises, Exclusive Recoveries, and Policies to Prevent a Double Whammy for the Poor 
by Ronald U. Mendoza, 2010

UNICEF's Role in Upstream Policy: Social Budgeting for Children by Ronald U. Mendoza, 2010

Simulating the Impact of the Global Economic Crisis and Policy Responses on Children in West and Central Africa by John Cockburn, Ismael Fofana and Luca Tiberti, 2010

Challenges and Trajectories of Fiscal Policy and PFM Reform in CEE/CIS: A Practical Guide for UNICEF's Engagement, 2010

Aggregate Shocks, Poor Households and Children: Transmission Channels and Policy Responses 
by Ronald U. Mendoza, 2009

Social Budgeting Initiatives and Innovations: Insights using a Public Finance Lens by Paola Deles, Ronald U. Mendoza and Gabriel Vergara, August 2010

UNICEF-European Commission Toolkit Draft Background Paper on Social Budgeting to Advance the Rights of Children, Women and Poor Families by UNICEF, August 2010

Public Spending, Governance and Child Health Outcomes: Revisitng the Links by Bingjie Hu and Ronald U. Mendoza, April 2010

A Micro-Accounting Tool to Assess the Impact of Economic Trends and Policies: With Applications to Mexico and Lesotho by Priyadarshani Joshi and Bingjie Hu, April 2010

Social Spending, Fiscal Space and Governance: An Analysis of Patterns over the Business Cycle by Nadia Doytch, Bingjie Hu and Ronald U. Mendoza, April 2010

When the Global Downturn hits the Youth Bulge: Challenges and Opportunities for (Female) Youth Employment and Social Advancement by Marina Komarecki, Ronald U. Mendoza and Sheila Murthy, May 2010

A Review of UNICEF's Social Budgeting Initiatives by Radhika Gore, June 2009
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