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Videos and Other Publications

Videos and Publications

Videos   other Publications

 Sofia parker
Sophia Parker- Participatory Budgeting: This video details the objectives and goals of participatory budgeting and its applications in the real world. 

Other Videos from Projects in Action:
Brazil: Participatory Budgeting I & Participatory Budgeting III     

Kenya: MUHURI Social Budgeting and Auditing

Scotland: The Scottish Women's Budget Group

UK: Davy Jones discusses social budgeting in the UK.

Provincial Budget Allocations in Health, Education, and Water Sectors: An Analysis 2003-2006 by Simon McCoy and Imarciana Cunamizana, 2008

Review of Gender Budget Initiatives by Debie Budlender and the Community Agency for Social Enquiry gives and overview of various efforts to create gender budgets to serve as a basis for further work in the field.

Budgeting and Budgetary Institutions by Anwar Shah and the World Bank gives an overview of the role of budgetary institutions and how they can be made to be more responsive to the needs and demands of public.  

Financing for Development: Aid Effectiveness and Gender-Responsive Budgets by D. Budlender and the Community Agency for Social Enquiry attempts to make the case for financing gender equality for development and explores how this can be done.

Participatory Budgeting by Anwar Shah: Through participatory budgeting, citizens have the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of government operations, influence government policies and hold government to account.

The Public Finance Management Blog from the IMF gives regular updates on relevent issues in public finance and budgeting.

Public Spending and Outcomes: Does Governance Matter by Andrew Sunil Rajkumar and Vinaya Swaroop explores the issue of good governance and its role in the bugeting and allocation process.

Budget Analysis and Policy Advocacy: The Role of Nongovernmental Public Action by Mark Robinson examines the impact and significance of independent budget analysis and advocacy work.

Budgeting for Women's Rights: Monitoring Government's Budgets for Compliance with CEDAW by D. Elson provides a framework for applying a rights-approach to budgets from a gender perspective.
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