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Latin American and Latino Studies alumni are involved in exciting work and study in many different countries.

Gregory Filippone (GSAS '11; MA in LALS) is currently working in a downtown law firm and is seeking to specialize in financial services as a Latin American specialist.
Last Updated Spring 2011

Sanyeob Kim (GSAS '11; MA in LALS) has joined the permanent mission of Chile to the United Nations as an advisor intern. His responsibility is to work closely with the military advisor dealing with the continued Peacekeeping Operation and also to assist other diplomats who are in charge of the 1st Committee (International Security and Disarmament).
Last Updated Spring 2011

Sara Lynch (FCRH '11) is currently a Spanish teacher at Stratford High School in Nashville, Tennessee.

Joseph R. Martinez (FCLC '11) is currently participating in the Fullbright - Garcia Robles Binational Business Program in México, DF. While there he will be working for the Asociación Mexicana para las Naciones Unidas in their program Deportes para Compartir. 

Caroline Pina (FCRH '11) is planning to enter a Master's program at George Washington University for Speech Pathology to help broaden the line between the Latino Community and those in the medical field.

Anna Loizeaux (FCLC '10) will be working with Augsburg College Center for Global Education in Cuernavaca, Mexico starting January 2011. She will serve as a Resident and Teaching Assistant for the center's "Migration and Globalization" semester long program.
Last Updated Fall 2010

Joanna Poz-Molesky (FCLC '10)
founded JUNTOS, a dance outreach organization in 2008, and has since continued to work closely with Fordham and other New York Universities bringing their unique form of art and dance to Latin America.
Last Updated Fall2010

Emily Weiss (RCRH ’08) joined the Jesuit Volunteers and works in Costa Rica.

Last Updated Fall 2008

Margaret Hargrave (FCRH ’07) won a Fulbright award for Bolivia. Her research project, “Quechua Market Women: Traditional Andean Medicines and Ethnic Identity” involves interviews with indigenous women who sell medicines, as well the people buying their wares.

Paul S. Loor (FCLC '07) is currently working as a project manager for NYU CCPR (Center for Catastrophe Prepardness and Readiness) and the Bellevue Hospital conducting research on H1N1 "Swine Flu" virus.
Last Updated Spring 2010

Donna Diaz (FCRH ’06) is studying education at the University of Kassel in Germany.
Last Updated Fall 2007

Ricardo Martínez (FCRH '06) has been working as an Education & Family Support Services Specialist for the LGBT Community Center in Manhattan. Here he works in the Youth Enrichment Services (Y.E.S) department providing young LGBT people with community support to foster healthy development in a safe, affirming, sex-positive, alcohol and drug-free environment.
Last Updated Spring 2009

Catherine Wood (FCLC ’06)
is a Peace Corps Community Economic Development Volunteer.

Last Updated Spring 2010

Rosemary Ramsey (FCRH ’05, GSAS ’06) works in El Salvador with a small non-governmental organization named Voices on the Border.  She helps ex-combatants and refugees from the civil war in their struggles to claim their rights to land, water, and participation in their government.

Last Updated Spring 2008

Giancarlo Iosue (FCRH ‘04) is Manager, Business Development in Latin America for the International Council of Shopping Centers, the global trade association of the shopping center industry.

Last Updated Fall 2008

Asia Leeds (FCLC ’03) is a PhD candidate in African Diaspora Studies at the University of California Berkeley. Her dissertation examines race, nation, and identity in Costa Rica in the 1920s and 1930s. In her senior year at Fordham, Asia won a Fulbright award for study in Costa Rica.

Alberto Rodriguez (FCRH ’00)
was recently elected to the West New York, NY city council. He serves as the Commissioner of Public Works and is responsible for that department as well as Fire Prevention, Cultural Affairs, and Code Enforcement. Alberto is the youngest elected official in the history of West New York.
Last Updated Spring 2008

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