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Spring 2009

Spring 2009

Pulitzer Prize Winner Junot Díaz Reads at Fordham, 2009 Cervantes Lecture
Wednesday, April 15th
"Latin American Immigration to Spain"
Dr. Tomás Calvo Buezas
Professor of Social Anthropology
Departments of Political Science and Sociology
Universidad Complutense, Madrid

Wednesday, June 24th
2009 Cervantes Lecture
"Global Quixote: Rewriting the Contemporary Brazilian Social Narrative"
Rogelio Miñana, Department of Spanish, Mount Holyoke College
Wednesday, April 29th, Rose Hill at 1:00PM
"Tacit Subjects: Dominican Transnational Identities and Male Homosexuality in New York City"
Professor Carlos Decena
Woodrow Wilson Foundation Career Enhancement Fellow
With Respondents:
Norma Fuentes-Mayorga, Department of Sociology, Fordham University
Monica Rivera-Mindt, Departmentof Psychology, Fordham University

Friday, March 27th, Rose Hill at 4:00PM
Juan Flores Book Discussion
Casa de las Américas Award-winner discusses his latest book, The Diaspora Strikes Back, with the faculty of LALS and American Studies (funded by a Mellon Faculty Grant from the Rose Hill Dean’s Office)
Wednesday, Feburary 11th, Lincoln Center at 3:00PM
Reception for 2009 Graduates
Friday, May 1st


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