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LALSI Faculty

Arnaldo Cruz-Malavé
Modern Languages and Literatures
(PhD, Stanford)

Contemporary Hispanic Carribbean transitions; queer diasporas; New York in Latino literature and film, and urban Latino culture

Sara Lehman
Modern Languages and Literatures
(PhD, Boston University)

Associate Director
Colonial Latin American literature

Gregory Acevedo
Graduate School of Social Service
(PhD, Bryn Mawr)
Associate Professor

Salvador Acosta
(PhD, Univ. of Arizona)

History of Latinos in the United States; social impact of the development of the Southwest; social and cultural experiences of Latinos since 1846

O. Hugo Benavides

Sociology and Anthropology
(PhD, CUNY Graduate Center),

Social theory; historical and national production; sexuality and identity; Latino politics; Latin America

Susan Berger
Political Science
(PhD, Columbia)

Latin American politics; gender and women’s movements in Latin America; Guatemala

Daniel Contreras
(PhD, Stanford)

Modern American, comparative and post-colonial literatures

Carl Fischer
Latin American film, visual culture, and literature
(PhD, Princeton)

Popular culture; translation studies; queer studies; and critical theories of politics and economics 

Greta Gilbertson
Sociology and Anthropology
(PhD, Texas-Austin)

Immigration; gender; race and ethnicity; citizenship 

Javier Jiménez-Belmonte
odern Languages and Literatures
(PhD, Columbia)

Medieval and early modern Spanish literature

Carey Kasten
Modern Languages and Literatures (PhD, Columbia)
20th-century Spanish theater, film and novel; Golden Age theater

Rafael Lamas
Modern Languages and Literatures
(PhD, NYU)

Associate Director
Comparative studies of music and literature; theories of memory; the tension between inherited identities and paradigms of action
Michael Lee
(PhD, Notre Dame)

Christology; soteriology; Christian spirituality; Latin American theology (particularly liberation theologies); U.S. Latino/a theology

Luz Lenis
Associate Dean, Fordham College
(PhD, SUNY-Albany)

Spanish for high oral proficiency speakers

Héctor Lindo-Fuentes
(PhD, Chicago)

Latin America; Central American economic history; history of education

Gioconda Marún
Modern Languages and Literatures
(PhD, Universidad Naciónal de Buenos Aires)

Modernismo; 19th and 20th Century Latin American literature; interrelations of English journalism and Hispanic literature; globalization and literature

Ronald Méndez-Clark
Director of International and Study Abroad Programs
(PhD, Princeton)

Yuko Miki
Latin America; the African Diaspora; the Atlantic World

Barbara Mundy
Art History and Music
(PhD, Yale)

Colonial Latin America; indigenous art created in the Spanish colony, especially in New Spain; cartography in the early modern period, and the role of collections in pre-Columbian art history

S. Elizabeth Penry
(PhD, Miami)

Colonial Latin America; cultural history; indigenous peoples; Early Modern Spain

Rose M. Perez

Graduate School ofSocial Service
Assistant Professor;
Acculturation and Ambiguous Loss of Homeland on well-being


Mónica Rivera-Mindt


Neurologic disorders; cross-cultural neuropsychology;the effects of sociocultural factors on cognitive test performance
Clara Rodríguez
Sociology and Urban Studies
(PhD, Washington)

Race and ethnicity; media studies; Latino studies; labor markets, migration; urban and regional studies.
Orlando Rodríguez
Sociology and Anthropology
(PhD, Columbia)

Criminal justice processes; program evaluation research; mental health of minority and migrant populations.

Janet Sternberg
Communication and  Media Studies
(PhD, NYU)

Brazilian culture, especially music; Portuguese language and linguistics; media ecology
Cynthia Vich
Modern Languages and Literatures
(PhD, Stanford),

20th-century Latin American literature; Avant Garde culture and Indigenismo, Peruvian literature and culture, women writers, urban studies

Adjunct / Visiting Faculty
Emilio Estela
Visiting Adjunct
(J.D., Cornell)
Adjunct Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies
Assistant District Attorney, New York County District
Luisita Torregrosa
Visiting Adjunct

Adjunct Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies
Juan Carlos Vignaud
(LM, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Email: <>

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