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Graduate Certificate Program

Graduate Certificate Program

This innovative degree-granting program allows professionals in fields such as business, education, and the arts to immerse themselves in groundbreaking scholarship in the field of Latin American and Latino Studies. In a global world, the traditional barriers separating Latin America and Latinos are becoming more permeable. The Fordham certificate program combines their study.

Typical program
Advantages of the certificate
Why Fordham?
Admission requirements
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The certificate program consists of three graduate-level courses:
  1. LLGA 5001, an interdisciplinary course integrating the art, culture, and history of Latin America and Latinos in the U.S.
  2. A course on the history of Latin America or Latinos in the U.S.
  3. An elective course in the humanities or social sciences on Latin American or Latinos.
Students will select the courses best suited to their goals under the guidance of faculty advisors.

A typical program would include:
  • LLGA 5001 “Latin American and Latino Cultures" (featuring guest lecturers across the disciplines on the art, literature, and the history of Latinos and Latin Americans).
  • A history course such as HSGA 5908 “Brazil and the World”
  • An art history course, such as LLGA 5004 “Hispanic Women Artists” or a political science course such as POGA 6530 “Political Economy of Development”
LALSI courses come from a variety of disciplines and vary from semester to semester. For current course listings and other information on graduate courses, please view our graduate course listing.

What are the advantages of the certificate?
The certificate is a stepping-stone in the career advancement of teachers in both public and private schools, and professionals in fields such as counseling, international finance and marketing. The credits earned for the certificate may be applied toward the M.A.

Graduate students in many areas, including education, business, history, political science, sociology, and anthropology also benefit from this certificate. With this certificate, they may be qualified to teach survey-level courses in this growing field and increase their opportunities in the job market.

Why Fordham?
This interdisciplinary certificate program draws on the expertise of faculty from the departments of History, Economics, Sociology and Anthropology, Political Science, Modern Languages, Art History, Theology and African and African American Studies. Students benefit from the school's interface with New York City, its growing Latino population and the region's links to Latin American. This program is unique in its integration of Latin American and Latino issues.

Admission requirements for the certificate in Latin American and Latino Studies
  • Application from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (available on line). For currently enrolled students, the application fee is waived.
  • Statement of interest (2-3 pages)
  • Official transcripts of school records
  • Two letters of recommendation
Admitted students are required to demonstrate reading competence in Spanish, Portuguese or French upon graduation

Where do I find application forms?
For inquiries and application forms, please contact GSAS Admissions.

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