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ATTENTION: As of Fall 2013, we are no longer accepting applications to the M.A. and Graduate Certificate programs.  Until further notice, our programs have been suspended indefinitely.  We apologize for this change and we hope to return these programs in the future. 

The Latin American and Latino Studies Institute at Fordham University offers a graduate certificate in Latin American and Latino Studies, a traditional post-baccalaureate Master's degree and an Early Admission Master’s degree.

The Fordham University master’s degree program in Latin American and Latino studies is one of the few in the United States to focus on both Latino and Latin American studies.

This unique M.A. program brings together the University’s top faculty from various departments—including history, political science, sociology, anthropology, theology, English, art history and music, African-American studies, and psychology—to prepare you for positions of leadership in academia and society.

At Fordham, you’ll join a diverse and gifted student body directed by a supportive faculty of internationally recognized experts who will introduce you to the field’s most influential thinkers. A strong spirit of mentorship and close personal attention to each student unites the Fordham graduate community. Students and faculty members work together in an atmosphere that fosters informal discussion and collaborative research.

Once enrolled in the M.A. program, you’ll maximize your theoretical understanding in the classroom while gaining practical experience through internship, service learning and field-research opportunities.

With this degree, you may jump-start a career in education, business, international finance and marketing, consulting or the arts. You may also choose to pursue advanced graduate work in one of several academic disciplines.


• Our close proximity to one of the largest Latino communities in the United States
• Our strong ties to a network of Jesuit universities throughout Latin America
• Our location in New York City and throughout Latin America, to conduct field research, participate in internships, and propose and complete service-learning projects


Students may participate in courses that offer travel in Latin America, providing the opportunity to study the history, culture and economy of a region firsthand. Past courses have included trips to:

• Mexico, to explore pre-Columbian and Aztec archaeology
• Havana, Cuba, to learn more about the evolution of Cuban culture since the 1959 revolution
• Granada, Spain, to study the works of the Spanish poet and dramatist Federico García Lorca in his native Andalucía

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