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Major Requirements

Major Requirements

The major consists of ten courses. Some Latin American and Latino Studies courses also count towards the core distributive requirements.
  • An introductory course HIST 1400: Introduction to Latin American History
  • Two courses from the social sciences
  • Two courses from the humanities/arts
  • One upper-level elective in Latin American or Latino history
  • One capstone seminar (normally taken in the senior year)
  • Three electives
    • One elective or Humanities/Arts should be a Spanish course at the 2001 level or above
    • Seniors may wish to write a senior thesis under the guidance of a program faculty member
    • Study abroad courses may count toward the major/minor. Please see section on Study Abroad

The Double Major

The LALS major is a perfect complement for other majors, particularly when these others include courses with Latin American content. There is a great deal of flexibility in combining LALS with another major and up to two courses from another major can be counted towards the LALS major.

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