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Course Descriptions

Course Description

Students will engage in a four-course sequence (two courses per semester) addressing the subjects below:

Leadership Across Media will explore the contemporary challenges and responsibilities associated with effective management and leadership of media organizations across all different sectors of the industry. Students will examine both historical examples as well as contemporary issues in order to develop a deeper understanding of the unique responsibilities and skill sets that are associated with leading contemporary media organizations. The course will seek to develop the knowledge and skill set necessary for responsive leaders to be innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

Ethics and Social Responsibility in Media will focus on the behavior and management of media organizations, including ethical issues in journalistic and entertainment programming practice, the appropriate conceptualization and function of the “public interest” principle in the behavior of media organizations, and the ethical tensions inherent in media organizations that function simultaneously as political, cultural and economic institutions.

Media, Democracy and the First Amendment will examine the relationship between the media and democratic process, with particular attention paid to the role of the First Amendment. This course will examine the role of the media in informing citizens and in impacting the political and public policy-making processes, and will provide students with an orientation in First Amendment theory.

New Media and Emerging Technologies will focus on how media industries respond to—and are affected by—the introduction and dissemination of new media technologies. Drawing upon both historical and contemporary examples, this course will help students recognize the recurring patterns, strategic responses and institutional effects associated with the introduction of “disruptive” media technologies so that they may better respond and adapt to technological changes. This course will also explore the impact of new media technologies on established consumer behaviors in an effort to provide students with the tools necessary for analyzing, anticipating and responding to shifts in the marketplace.

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