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Selection Process

Selection Process

Participation is limited to pre-selected professional media organizations, which are each responsible for the identification, selection and sponsorship of five employees whose performance and aptitude demonstrate outstanding intellectual curiosity, professional ethics and leadership potential. Selected employees should have five to ten years of professional experience in the media industry; however, in rare circumstances where employees demonstrate extraordinary leadership potential, individuals with as few as two years of professional experience are eligible.

After the internal screening and selection process has been completed by the sponsoring organization and the five employees have been identified, each of the five selected employees will submit a completed participant information form (below) and the required supporting materials to a designated company liaison. The company liaison will forward all materials to the program director by November 15, 2006. It is preferred that each company submits materials for all five employees simultaneously.

The selected participants will be registered for the program and will receive a welcome packet prior to the program’s launch on January 20th, 2007.



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