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  The French of England: Multilingualism in Practice, c.1100-c.1500  
Conference Abstracts

  Keith Busby Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, and Unknown Unknowns: The Circulation of French

  Marilyn Oliva What Nuns Ate: The Multilingual Kitcheners' Accounts of Campsey Ash Priory

  Lara Farina What Women Do Together: "Queer" Philology and Female Sexuality

  Emilie Amt The Rhyming French Chronicle of the Godstow Nuns

  Brian Merrilees and Heather Pagan John Gower, John Barton, and Others: Looking at Late Anglo-French

  Arthur Bahr Linguistic and Political Union in Gower's Trentham Manuscript

  Robert F. Yeager John Gower's French and His Readers

  Sharon Teague English Testators Writing French Wills

  Jonathan Hsy Transmuting Alchemy: Chaucer's English, Gower's French, and the Privy Language of the London Goldsmiths

  Richard Britnell Uses of the French Language in Medieval English Towns

  Andrew Taylor "Que vous n'oubliez pas le françois": The Shrewsbury Book and the Circulation of French Chivalric Material in Fifteenth-Century England

  Julia Marvin Anglo-Norman as Antecedent: The Case of the Prose Brut Chronicle

  Michelle Warren Old French of England

  Delbert Russell French Style(s) at Barking: Clemence of Barking and the Life of Edward the Confessor

  Pierre Kunstmann Syntaxe anglo-normande: étude de certaines caractéristiques du XIIe au XIVe siècle

  Paul Hyams Why Historians of the Early Common Law Need to Study French

  Laurie Postlewate French and English in the Preaching Literature of Nicole Bozon

  Donna Bussell Questions of Influence: Clemence of Barking's Life of St. Catherine and Representations of Law, Lordship and Civic Unrest in Two Old French Catherine Legends

  Geoff Rector The Psalter en Romanz in Twelfth-Century England

  Mary Catherine Davidson Language Contact and Langland's French

  Paul Cohen The Memory of the Norman Conquest and the Invention of National Vernaculars in Renaissance France and England

  Maureen Boulton The Life of Christ in the French of England: Theme and Variations

  Anne Savage Linguistic and Cultural Translation across the Conquest: The Virgin Body

  Susan Crane Wolf, Dog, and Man in Bestiaries and Marie de France's "Bisclavret"

  Richard Firth Green The Genre of the Ordre de bel ayse

  Christopher Baswell Authentication: Pentimento Languages

  Joyce Coleman Translated Images: French Influence, or Lack of It, on English Book Iconography


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