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York Manuscripts Conference

Eleventh York Manuscripts Conference

French in English Manuscripts
French Manuscripts in England

17-19 July 2007


  Tuesday, 17 July 2007  

9:00-10:30   Registration, coffee Huntingdon Room

10:30-11:30  10:00    French Makers, English Patrons
    Introduced by
       Professor Martha Driver (Pace University)
    ‘Me fault faire: French Makers of Manuscripts for English Patrons in the
    Fifteenth Century’

11:30-1:00   French in English Manuscripts and French Manuscripts in

    Chair:  Linne Mooney (Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York)
        Dr Julia Marvin (University of Notre Dame)
    ‘The Vitality of Anglo-Norman French in Late Medieval England’
       Prof. Derek Pearsall (Emeritus Harvard and York)
    ‘French in English Vernacular Literary Manuscripts’

1:00-2:00    Lunch, Huntingdon Room ante-chamber

2:00-4:00      French Devotional Texts
        Professor Julia Boffey (Queen Mary College, University of London)
    ‘A Hitherto Unedited Middle English Devotional Text, translated from
    the French’

        Dr Helen Deeming (University of Southampton)
    ‘French Devotional Texts in 13th-Century Preachers’ Anthologies’
        Dr Jean-Pascal Pouzet (University of Limoges and the Sorbonne)
    ‘Augustinian Canons and their French Books in England (late 13th
    – early 15th c): Towards an Assessment’

        Dr Julia Ann Smith (University of Sydney)
    ‘A Rule of their Own: Feminizing the Benedictine Rule’

4:00 – 4:30     Tea Break  Huntingdon Room ante-chamber
4:30 – 5:30  Jean de Meun
        Introduced by
        Professor Richard Rouse (UCLA)
    ‘Jean de Meun’s Translation of Vegetius: The Manuscripts’

5:30-7:00   check into hotels
7:00   Conference Dinner Bedern Hall (see separate sheet for directions)

Wednesday, 18 July 2007  

9:15-10:45 Plenary on Manuscripts at the concurrent conference, Visual Representations of Medieval Spirituality, York Minster (wear your name badge from our conference to be admitted) 
       Michelle Brown
       Jeremy Goldberg
       Louise Hampson

 11:00 – 11:30   Coffee Break   Huntingdon Room ante-chamber

11:30-1:00    French Writing
    Introduced by
       Prof. Michael Bennett (University of Tasmania)
    ‘The Indian Summer of Anglo-French: French Writing and French
    Manuscripts in England, c. 1350’

       Professor Linne Mooney (University of York)
    ‘Influence of French on English Script in the Second Half of the
    Fifteenth Century’

1:00 – 2:00    Lunch, Huntingdon Room ante-chamber

2:00 – 3:30    Studies of Individual Manuscripts
        Dr Godfried Croenen (Univesity of Liverpool)
    ‘Froissart’s Chronicles in England: The Manuscript Evidence’
        Dr Kathleen Sewright (Rollins College)
    ‘An Introduction to British Library, MS Lansdowne 380’
        Dr Claire M. Waters (University of California at Davis)
    ‘A Home at the End of the World: Domesticating French in an
    English Manuscript Fragment’

3:30 – 4:00   Tea Break     Huntingdon Room ante-chamber

4:00-5:00  Closing Plenary at the concurrent conference, Visual Representations of Medieval Spirituality, York Minster (wear your name badge from our conference to be admitted) 
       Stella Panayatova, ‘The layman and the friar: reasoning with faith in
            the Macclesfield Psalter’

       Jane Geddes, ‘The St Albans Psalter’

Dinner at York Restaurants (see inside back cover)

Thursday, 19 July 2007  

9:00-10:00    MS Harley 2253
    Introduced by
        Professor Susanna Fein (Kent State University)
    ‘Intertextual Arrangements in Three Languages: Revisiting the
    Make-Up of MS Harley 2253’

10:00-11:00  title for session
        Prof. Stephen Partridge (University of British Columbia)
    ‘Compiling as Authorship: French Analogues to the MS Presentation
    of Chaucer's "Retraction"'

        Prof. Carla Rossi (University of Fribourg & The Sorbonne)
    ‘A Clue to the Fate of the Lost MS. Royal 16.E.8 copy of The Voyage of

11:00 – 11:30    Coffee Break   Huntingdon Room ante-chamber

11:30 – 1:00    Cataloguing French MSS in England
    Chair:  Professor Jocelyn Wogan-Browne (York)
       Dr Christine Ruby (CNRS, Paris) and
       Prof. Maria Careri (Université de Chieti, Italy)
    ‘Work on the Forthcoming Catalogue des manuscrits français du XIIe siècle’
        Round-table discussion of need for catalogue of all French MSS in Britain,
        led by Professor Wogan-Browne

1:00 – 2:00    Lunch, Huntingdon Room ante-chamber

2:00 – 4:00   Christine de Pizan
        Professor Mary Rouse (UCLA) -  60 minutes
    ‘Christine de Pizan and the Chapelet des vertus’
        Dr Stephanie Downes (University of Sydney) - 30 minutes
    ‘Christine de Pizan’s Epistre Othea and Cultural Exchange with England’

4:00 – 4:30    Tea Break   Huntingdon Room ante-chamber

4:30-6:00   Charles d’Orléans and Jean Duc de Bourbon
    Introduced by
        Dr Mary-Jo Arn (Medieval Academy of America)
    ‘A Need for Books: Charles d’Orléans and his Travelling Library in
    France and England’

        Dr Ian Doyle (University of Durham)
    ‘Books of Charles D’Orleans and Jean Duc de Bourbon’
6:00  Closing Remarks
    Linne Mooney (University of York)

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