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Bilingual New Testament

Bilingual New Testament


Produced in the years between 1325 and 1330, this manuscript contains a Latin text of the New Testament, including the Gospels, the letters of Saint Paul, Revelations, The Acts of the Apostles, and other New Testament Epistles.The Latin text appears in two colums, with the French translation appearing in a third.

The New Testament belongs to a group of manuscripts produced in Naples during the mid-fourteenth century, most probably by an illuminator of Picard origin living in Angevin Naples. Some, but not all of the manuscripts from his workshop contain texts in French.


Venice, Biblioteca Marciana, lat. Z. 10.


Secondary Literature

 Andrea Improta, "Per la miniatura a Napoli al tempo di Boccaccio: il ms. Lat. Z 10 della Biblioteca Marciana," in Boccaccio angioino, ed Alfano, D'Urso, and Perriccioli Saggese, Brussels, PeterLand, 2012, 317-328.


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