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Consolation of Philosophy

Consolation of Philosophy
trans. Bonventura da Demena


 Bonaventura da Demena's Franco-Italian translation of Boethius' De consolatio philosophiae dates to the early fourteenth century. This translation is one of four extant French translations from the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries. It survives in a single manuscript (Paris, BnF, fr. 821, fol. 27r-52r), whose provenance has been located both to Northern and Southern Italy. In his prologue, Bonaventura da Demena claims that he has translated Boethius first from Latin into "vulgar latin," or Italian. This Italian translation has been lost, although Anna Maria Babbi and Keith Atkinson argue that Verona, Biblioteca Civica, ms. 212 contains this missing translation. The Franco-Italian text in the Paris manuscript is written in prose and has a prologue and chapter rubrics written in red ink. The author identifies himself in one of these rubrics: "ge, Bonaventure, qi ne sun de Demena, translateors dou Boece de letre en volgar francois" (fol. 48).

MS (Unique)

 Paris, BNF, fr. 821.



Secondary Literature

See Arlima.

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Summary by Melissa W. Kapitan


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